Aviation & Aerospace Document Management and Storage

The Aviation and Aerospace industry is a very highly regulated. With safety as the ‘watch word’, the quality of manufacture and installation of the millions of parts that make up an aircraft, from an individual screw to a wing, is key. Records of build and subsequent ongoing servicing, need to be retained for the life of an aircraft i.e. a minimum of 2 years after the destruction or withdrawal of the registration of the aircraft. As such the associated and highly important paper based documents need to be not only securely stored, but available for audit at any time. At IPC we have stored and retrieved such records over the last 20 years or more, for clients such as Marshall ADG.

Aerospace and aviation companies often store a variety of physical documents with the IPC Group to ensure compliance with regulations, maintain operational efficiency, and preserve historical records. Some of the key types of documents they store include:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Records: These are critical for tracking the history of maintenance, repairs, and modifications to each aircraft. This includes logbooks, service bulletins, and repair records.

  • Flight Operation Manuals: These manuals provide pilots and crew with crucial information about aircraft operations, including procedures, limitations, and performance data.

  • Engineering and Design Documents: These include blueprints, schematics, and technical drawings of aircraft components and systems. They are essential for manufacturing, maintenance, and modification of aircraft.

  • Regulatory Compliance Documents: To comply with aviation authorities (like the FAA, EASA), companies must keep records of certifications, licenses, and approvals. This also includes documentation of compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

  • Quality Assurance Records: These documents verify that manufacturing and maintenance processes meet specified standards. They include inspection reports, test results, and certification of parts and components.

  • Training Records: Records of training programs for pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel. This includes certifications, course materials, and assessments.

  • Incident and Accident Reports: Documentation related to any incidents or accidents involving the company’s aircraft or operations. These are vital for investigations and implementing safety measures.

  • Flight Data Records: Physical copies of flight logs and data recordings can be stored. This includes details of flight routes, duration, and any anomalies during the flight.

  • Contracts and Legal Documents: Agreements with suppliers, clients, and partners, as well as legal documents pertaining to operations, partnerships, and corporate governance.

  • Financial Records: Including budgets, audits, financial statements, and other documents related to the financial health and transactions of the company.

  • Research and Development Documentation: Records of research findings, experimental data, and development processes for new technologies or improvements in aviation.

  • Employee Records: Personal records of employees, including contracts, performance reviews, and HR-related documents.


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