Are there any companies which specialise in scanning delivery notes?

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Every organisation involved in the distribution of goods, either for their own products or for other companies, will have a fleet of vehicles and drivers delivering  to many locations. Each delivery will require a signature as proof that the goods have been accepted. The forms most commonly used for this are called proof of delivery notes and by the end of each day the drivers will bring back batches of these notes which then need to be processed.

Manually inputting data from delivery notes is not only time consuming but also prone to error and costly. Bearing in mind that most complaints about alleged undelivered goods are received very soon after the actual delivery date,  failure to locate the appropriate POD note can result in delayed response time and poor customer service.

The solution to this is to scan the documents as soon as they are received to ensure that they are captured at the earliest opportunity. In order to retrieve individual notes or batches of notes the scanned images can be converted into searchable PDF files so that, for example, all POD’s relating to a certain customer or certain dates can be easily found.

The IPC Group have many years of experience in scanning delivery notes and can either provide the service using its scanning bureau or supply document management software for a company to carry out the scanning in house.

To discuss your requirements regarding the scanning of delivery notes in more detail please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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