Are there companies which provide legal document scanning services?

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Most law firms have large archives of paper files which have to be kept for long periods of time. Very often the only storage space available is in a basement or attic and these areas put the paperwork at high risk of damage or loss from flooding or fire.

As much of the documentation is irreplaceable it is important to ensure its safekeeping by storing it electronically. Scanning a whole archive of files, however would, for any legal practice, be a daunting task. The solution, therefore, is to outsource the work to a bureau scanning service which specialises in legal document scanning.

Legal document scanning involves all types and sizes of paperwork, some of which can be old and fragile so requires handling with care. Many of the documents, such as Deeds, will also be large format and will need to be scanned on specialist equipment.

The IPC Group has a wide range of scanners which can handle all the different legal document types such as bibles, case files, conveyance files and Wills and also employs an experienced team of scanning operatives.

If your organisation has a requirement for legal document scanning please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47 and we shall be pleased to help.

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