Are we any closer to achieving a paperless office?

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A recent survey has shown that UK workers are printing less business related documentation than they were a year ago. The most significant reduction was recorded for emails where 73% of people interviewed said that they are now printing fewer than before.

Another 53% stated that they were printing less general business documents and financial records.

There are several reasons for this decline: first of all, the rising cost of paper and toner cartridges has forced many businesses to cut back on printing and to look at ways of working more economically. This leads to reason number two which is that more organisations are working electronically and storing files in an electronic document management system rather than printing and filing hard copies. Documents can also be processed electronically using workflow to direct paperwork to the relevant people. All documents produced and received electronically, including emails, can be stored directly into the system without having to print and scan.

Document management systems can now be cloud based which minimises the involvement of the IT Department and also provides a much more cost effective option.

The final reason, of course, is that some people are genuinely environmentally conscious and strive diligently towards the concept of the paperless office. The survey findings certainly suggest that we are getting nearer to this goal but in the meantime we shall continue to use the term’ less paper office’!

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