Are we now moving closer to becoming paperless?

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It has recently been reported that the UK scanner market has been predicted to grow at about 18% per year between 2010 and 2014.

This endorses the fact that electronic storage is becoming a more favoured way of storing documents and this could be for several different reasons.

1. The cost of office space has risen so companies are moving to smaller premises and therefore reducing the amount of floor space for filing cabinets.

2. The recession has forced businesses to look closely at all expenditure and the cost of stationery as well as staff to maintain a paper filing system can be high.

3. The use of multi functional devices such as printers and photocopiers has given people the opportunity to discover the benefits of electronic document management and this then progresses to the purchase of a dedicated scanner which can provide greater functionality.

Whatever the driving force may be, storing paperwork electronically is a much more efficient way of working and allows ease of access, the sharing of information by multiple users and also ensures security of all documents.

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