Can a Supreme Court go paperless?

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It has recently been reported in the American press that the Florida Supreme Court is moving from a system which permits electronic records to one which requires it. It will become mandatory that all documents filed with the court are done so in electronic format and this will gradually take effect by the end of 2013.

They will also require attorneys to serve legal documents by email and paper copies will not be allowed. There are many reasons for taking this great leap forward into the digital age and interestingly one of them is the cost savings they will gain. It is anticipated that ‘going electronic’ will also speed up processes and result in a far more efficient legal system.

The question this raises, however, is that if a court of law can operate successfully without paper, why aren’t there more public and private organisations following suit? There are probably a whole host of different reasons for this one of which will be lack of knowledge or understanding of how to start working electronically.

Fortunately, today, there are many solutions available which means there will be one to suit every business. The need to invest in a full blown traditional EDM system is no longer the only option. Cloud based document management solutions are becoming increasingly popular as they require no internal IT support and are much lower cost. There are also bureau scanning services which offer a conversion service for clients’ paperwork eliminating the need for any in house resource or equipment.

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