Can good business continuity practice save money?

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Over recent years business continuity has quickly evolved from simply being another term for disaster recovery into a well documented and regulated discipline in its own right. Of more importance, however, is its shift from being a reactive concept to a proactive and constantly developing business process.

The benefits of good business continuity practice are numerous but one of the most significant is that it can actually save money. Take, for example, paper documents and the high risk they present in every organisation. If valuable business information is destroyed by fire or water, it would be costly and often impossible to replace. Even before any disaster strikes, the cost of storage space to accommodate paper files and the time spent filing and searching for information can amount to a substantial sum of money.

Any good business continuity plan will include the safeguarding of critical information by storing it electronically and with off site back up. Nowadays, very little original paperwork needs to be retained as electronic images are legally admissible in many situations. Therefore, as soon as documents have been converted into electronic format, they can be confidentially shredded and the risk element instantly reduced. Physical storage space and people to maintain the filing system will no longer be required. Not only is the ongoing daily expenditure drastically reduced but also the potential cost to a business should the information be destroyed.

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