Can I outsource my company’s document processing?

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For many organisations running a scanning and data capture operation is a remit outside their main business focus and in order to achieve the best results, requires a level of expertise which they do not possess.

For this reason more and more businesses are outsourcing their scanning and data capture activities to companies which specialise in the provision of these services. A document scanning bureau can convert paperwork to electronic format and many can also apply OCR software to extract data if required. Files can be collected in accordance with an agreed schedule (daily, weekly etc.), scanned and indexed and the images can either be delivered on a CD or DVD or FTP’d directly to a client’s server. If data is also extracted, this can be automatically uploaded to an IT system for further processing.

After the documents have been scanned and quality checked, most bureaux can arrange for the paperwork to be securely destroyed leaving clients free to go about their business productively without having to get involved in the management of their documentation.

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