Can my EDM system integrate with other applications?

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to log into several different systems to view data and documents which relate to the same subject or transaction. For example, in the Finance Department an accounts package will be used to log and process accounts payable but the paperwork may be scanned into a separate document management system. Likewise, an HR department will use a system to record data for its employees but the personnel files themselves are stored electronically elsewhere.

The good news is that through the use of code free integration an electronic document management system can now be seamlessly integrated with any other business system so that multiple log ins are no longer required.  Code free integration allows searches to be made through any business application to find matching documentation stored in your EDM system.  It intuitively understands the content of the screen being viewed and displays the related documents in a new window eliminating the need to log into the other system.

The IPC Group now has CFI functionality within its EDM system, mstore, which enables it to work in tandem with almost all third party business applications. For further information please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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