Can NHS Trusts ever become paperless?

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The Electronic Patient Record is no new concept and many hospitals have now implemented an electronic document management system to manage their medical records. The next step is to look at making other paper processes more efficient in other areas of the ‘business’ and to show time and cost savings throughout the whole organisation.

Reference databases used for clinical trial content, meeting notes and agendas, for example, are now being created electronically and can be accessed by interested parties, not just on site but remotely.

Accounts and Human Resources are also looking at ways to eliminate paper and are bolting on to the electronic document management system to circulate invoices for payment using workflow and to store personnel records. For both these departments, the automated document retention tool is a key facility for compliance with data protection and eliminates the need for manual weeding of documentation.

Not only does the reduction in the use of paper save time and money but it also tightens security and frees up valuable storage space which can be put to better use.

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