Can the digital pen be used with any type of form?

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Almost every printed business form can be converted to digital pen and paper technology. Some minor alterations may have to be made to the layout of a form in order to optimise the results but overall, most forms work successfully when printed onto the special Anoto paper which is used in association with the digital pen.

Examples of forms which are already benefiting from being processed using digital pen technology are:

Claims forms
Market research forms
Clinical trials documents
Police crime scene investigation reports
Medical assessments for insurance purposes
Proof of Delivery notes
Order forms
Service reports

If current slow business processes such as data entering, are delaying the accessibility of vital information and affecting cash flow within an organisation, the implementation of digital pen technology will give immediate benefits and improve efficiency with minimal impact on the way the user carries out the task.

For further information on the digital pen, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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