Can we outsource the scanning of our Proof of Delivery notes?

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Many organisations still use paper copies of Proof of Delivery Notes and as they have to be kept for a number of years this presents a huge storage space issue.

Not only is space a problem but people are also needed to file and retrieve the delivery notes. For these reasons more and more logistics companies are starting to consider electronic storage as a more cost effective and efficient way of managing POD’s. As scanning in house would require human resource, many choose to outsource the work to a document scanning bureau.

Dependent on volumes, the proof of delivery notes can be sent to be scanned periodically, e.g. weekly or monthly. Scanning bureaux employ specially trained staff to operate their scanning equipment and have stringent quality checks in place to ensure the highest quality output. After the delivery notes have been scanned they are indexed, usually by POD number, client name and date. The data can then either be delivered on DVD’s or uploaded directly to a client server so it can be accessed almost immediately.

Scanning proof of delivery notes also makes it possible to link them to original purchase orders and invoices electronically, using a common reference such as order number. This makes it so much easier to retrieve documentation and eliminates lost or misfiled paper copies.

For further information on scanning proof of delivery notes please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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