Data Security – is education the key?

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We are all now familiar with the newspaper reports of data being lost or left on transport, or even found on rubbish tips, which is something to concern us all. Add to this the criminal element that attack and look to ‘con’ people in the cyber world of the web, then security of information is a key issue.

Organisations such as Barclays have led a programme of staff education to make them aware of the issues, to try and protect the integrity of their systems, which is one of the elements that all organisations should address.

On top of this, however, is the need for systems to be able to monitor activity by users to ensure that information is not being viewed or exported without the relevant safeguards.

EDM (electronic document management) systems are forming an increasingly important part of the way organisations store and control information, and can provide high levels of security.  IPC’s mstore has these key safeguards built in, and offers more. Not only can high levels of password control be invoked but users can be profiled as to what they access and what functionality they have.

On top of this Event History (a core mstore module) provides an overview by user and system as to what activities and actions are going on– reports can be generated by date / time, so administrators can be alerted to patterns of use, to help spot possible problems.

And with new Compliance functions the system can perform a data integrity check on all information in the system, to monitor the possibility of someone ‘hacking’ into the system and changing stored data.

An EDM system is the ideal way to manage information, and is a lot more secure than paper based information. And with the high level controls for access and security companies can have the reassurance they need to protect their data.

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