Did you know that IPC offer an on site scanning service for confidential or frequently accessed documents?

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For many organisations, security and confidentiality issues confine documents to the office even if they are not in daily use. The paper files pile up and become mountains.

A document management system would solve the problem but needs extra resource. The filing mountains could even be beyond the resources of your in house team.

We can come and solve these problems for you right in your own office!

We will run a comprehensive, confidential temporary on site document scanning service, to give you all the advantages of electronic document management, without the headaches of bundling up the paperwork to send it off to be scanned.

Our self sufficient team will set up a fully staffed and equipped scanning bureau operation on your own premises until the job is done. There is no impact on your systems and when we leave, you will have PC based access to high quality digital images of your vital documents.

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