Digital Pen Technology – how can it benefit Transport and Logistics companies?

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One of the most challenging tasks for any company delivering goods is the collection and management of delivery notes. For every consignment, a signature is required as proof of delivery and as soon as the P.O.D. is received by the company’s Accounts Department, an invoice can be raised.

However, the physical transportation of these documents can sometimes take days and some may even get lost or damaged en route. For this reason alone, more and more transport and logistics companies are turning to digital pen technology as a means of capturing the data from the P.O.D as soon as a signature has been recorded. The major benefit of using the digital pen is that it looks and feels like a normal ball point pen so the drivers do not have to learn new technology skills and it also has a familiar feel for the customer.

When the P.O.D has been signed, the driver ticks a box and the data is then instantly uploaded via a Bluetooth mobile phone to a central server where it can be married up to the rest of the paperwork relating to that particular consignment. A graphical PDF image of the delivery note has also been captured. The obvious benefits of using this technology are improved cash flow, a reduction in the number of customer complaints and increased efficiency.

For further information on the digital pen, please contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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