Digital pen versus computer – which is best?

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The use of a computer to key in data is absolutely fine on many occasions but there are certain situations where using a laptop may not be appropriate.

For example, when an interview is taking place an interviewer may be tapping away on a laptop facing the interviewee, making notes of responses etc. Not only is the sound of the keyboard distracting but also the presence of the screen directly in front of the person creates a barrier and breaks down the element of personal contact. Likewise in a medical consultation such as a pre-operative assessment, eye to eye contact is so important to put a patient at ease in what can be potentially a very stressful situation.

By using the digital pen, however, data can be collected in exactly the same way but without the loss of face to face contact. The interviewer can casually record information on a form which has been printed on a special kind of paper covered in almost invisible grey dots. The pen stores the data which can then be uploaded to an IT system either via a mobile phone or by docking to a PC. An image of the form is captured and also an XML file of the data from the form which can be processed almost immediately and made available to relevant personnel. Not only does this take away the annoyance factor of a PC for the interviewee but it also allows the interviewer to focus more fully on the objective of the meeting.

For further information on the digital pen and its applications please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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