Do any companies provide Purchase Invoice Scanning Services in the UK?

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There are several companies which specialise in the provision of Purchase Invoice Scanning Services in the UK and they usually operate a scanning bureau where the invoices can be sent to be scanned.

Managing paper copies of purchase invoices is time consuming and costly. If they are processed manually they then have to be filed away and kept for a long period of time. If there are any queries regarding an invoice the paper copy has to be retrieved which is not always an easy task as paper copies can be misfiled or lost.

Many organisations prefer to use Purchase Invoice Scanning Services to scan their invoices so they can be stored electronically. They will send the paper copies to a scanning bureau where the documents will be scanned and indexed and the images can either be delivered on a DVD or uploaded directly to a client’s server. The paper copies can then be confidentially destroyed as the electronic versions can now be accessed should any queries arise. It is a far more efficient and cost effective way of storing purchase invoices releasing valuable physical storage space and saving time on filing and retrieval.

Scanned purchase invoices can be located in seconds and can never be lost or re-filed incorrectly. Many providers of Purchase Invoice Scanning Services also offer a Purchase Invoice Processing Service using software to capture data from the invoices.

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