Do you know how much time is spent inputting data, filing and carrying out other administrative tasks?

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A recent survey has reported that the average British worker spends about 35 working days a year on basic administrative tasks such as inputting data, compiling reports and filing paperwork. Out of all these tasks, data entry was found to be the most time consuming with many employees spending in excess of six hours per week doing it.

It was also reported that workers would prefer to be spending their time more productively by supporting existing clients and gaining new business for their company.

The simple solution to this problem is to use technology to automate tedious administrative duties. For example, data can be extracted from forms and invoices using form recognition software. The document is scanned and data found in key fields is read, verified and automatically uploaded into the relevant IT system, for example, Accounts or Payroll. Manual data inputting is no longer necessary and workers can be redeployed in a more profitable capacity.

The use of digital pen technology is another smart solution for capturing data from forms. The forms are printed on special ‘dot pattern’ paper and are completed manually using a digital pen which looks like and is used in the same way as a normal ballpoint pen. Once the form has been completed, however, the data can be transmitted via Bluetooth to an IT system at the office, eliminating the need to input the information which has been collected. It is particularly effective for field workers as it all allows them to spend more time collecting valuable data and important decisions can be actioned more quickly.

For further information and advice on data capture and form recognition technologies, please contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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