Do you use paper forms to collect information?

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Paper forms are traditionally used when carrying out surveys and inspections or to record details about a person or a piece of equipment. When the forms have been completed the data then has to be keyed into a computer system for processing.

Not only is this a time consuming and costly exercise but it is also prone to error and can delay the start of actions which need to be taken. A simple and cost effective solution for collecting data, which eliminates these issues, is the digital pen which enables the user to not only complete a form but also to upload the data almost immediately to an office based IT system for processing.

The digital pen looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen and is used to capture information  written on forms which have been printed on to a special type of paper. A series of tiny, almost invisible dots cover the paper and work in conjunction with a camera which is inside the nib of the pen.

As soon as a form has been completed the information can be uploaded via a mobile phone and office staff can start data processing almost instantly. Whatever the size of your organisation, the digital pen is an easy to implement electronic data capture solution which will facilitate automated forms processing and give a rapid return on investment.

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