Document scanning – should we do it in house or outsource it?

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When it comes to document scanning, there are two options: you can either do it on site using your own resources or you can outsource the work to a company which specialises in the provision of document scanning services.

If you opt to carry out the document scanning on your own premises you will need to invest in a document scanner. There are various models available and the choice of scanner will depend on the volume, type and size of the paperwork to be scanned. Document scanning can be carried out using a multifunctional device which also acts as a photocopier, a desktop scanner, an automatic document feeder or flatbed scanner. For oversized documents such as maps and plans a large format document scanner would be required.

Companies which offer a bureau scanning service will have the full range of scanning equipment so they can handle all types of paperwork. They will also have a fully trained and experienced team of scanning operatives who will carry out the document scanning and key in search references which have been agreed with the client. Many document scanning companies will be able to offer a confidential shredding service as well so that clients do not need to have the paper files returned to them after they have been scanned.

There are several factors to consider with regard to document scanning and it is important to select the most cost effective method for your business. For advice and guidance on all aspects of document scanning please click here or call the experts, The IPC Group, on  08081 45 46 47.

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