Find out more about sales and purchase invoice scanning services?

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Most document scanning companies will be able to provide an invoice scanning service and will collect the documents from you on an agreed regular basis.

The reasons most organisations choose to have their invoices scanned can vary but mostly it is to save on physical storage space, time spent filing and to allow fast and easy access to the paperwork when it is required.

Sending your invoices to a document scanning bureau is the easiest and most cost effective way to have them converted into electronic format. The paperwork will be prepared by removing staples and paperclips then scanned using an ADF scanner (automatic document feeder). The invoices will then be referenced for retrieval purposes using either the invoice number, date, supplier or customer name or a combination of these dependent on your requirements.

The scanned images can be delivered directly to one of your servers using a secure web link or downloaded to DVD’s. The final stage in the process is to return the paper invoices to you or to arrange for them to be confidentially shredded.

For further information on sales and purchase invoice scanning please click here or call 08081 45 46 47.

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