Fire and water – what does this mean for your paperwork?

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There is no doubt that the thought an office fire is everybody’s nightmare but the reality is that it happens somewhere every single day of the week.

One of the most combustible substances to be found in every organisation is paper. Not only is it extremely flammable but there is also a lot of it as many businesses still work with paper based files and documentation. Much of this paperwork is also irreplaceable and therefore of great value to any company.

When a fire breaks out the chances are that a high percentage of business documentation will be burnt but the fire itself is not the only destroyer. Associated with fire is water and many offices are fitted with a water sprinkler system which is triggered by temperature. Unfortunately, as effective as sprinklers may be in combating fire, they are equally effective at ruining paper and restoring damaged paper can be difficult and costly.

A simple solution to avoid putting your company at risk of the fatal combination of fire and water is an electronic document management system. Paperwork stored electronically protects business critical information from any type disaster and ensures continuity, security and peace of mind.

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