Have you ever considered the benefits of an automated Contracts Management System?

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There are many reasons not to store critical information such as supplier and client contracts in paper format. Not least is the prospect of a fire breaking out and destroying the documents. The cost and inconvenience of having to track down suppliers of products and services and renegotiate terms and conditions could have serious implications for any business.

By using an automated Contracts Management System, there will always be an electronic copy of each document stored securely and backed up. Not only does an automated system protect business information from destruction it also manages all the processes involved in the selection of a supplier from the tender stage through to gathering quotations and finally to awarding the contract. The Finance Department can see instantly the monetary values being authorised and will have greater control over expenditure.

Automatic alerts to renewal dates is another feature of the Contracts Management System, which together with version control, can save organisations a substantial amount of money by avoiding overpayments or missing deadlines.

For further information on how an automated Contracts Management System could benefit your business, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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