How can a business start to eliminate paper records?

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Every business has an ever increasing amount of information and in a whole range of different formats. In addition to this each department has its own data sources, for example, Accounts will process financial paperwork whilst HR deal with employee records. In many cases, there may be ad hoc information management strategies within a company but no organisation wide standard framework which has to be adopted by all.

Until recent times this may not have been such an issue but we are now living in a highly litigious world and the ability to analyse, search and retrieve information could become financially critical for any business. The inability to produce vital documentation at a court hearing could cost a company a substantial amount of money and result in a severely damaged reputation.

A simple solution to this is to invest in an electronic document management system which can be designed to suit the needs of individual organisations. A cabinet structure allows each department to function in a different way but at the same time adhere to a pre-defined set of rules which apply to all users of the system. Index references can be displayed in drop down boxes to ensure consistency and prevent spelling errors or incorrect terms being used. All information such as emails, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets must be stored in the system in a logical and organised way, making retrieval of data a fast and easy process.

The IPC Group has many years experience in electronic document management solutions and would be pleased to advise on any information management issues. To contact us please click here or call 08081 45 46 47.

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