How can businesses get rid of paper filing systems?

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Storing paper files in filing cabinets not only takes up valuable office space but also costs money in terms of the amount of time which is wasted trying to locate documents which have been misfiled or lost altogether.

Very often, paperwork is also stored in an office some distance away and copies have to be requested, located and delivered via courier. This again is costly, time consuming and can result in delays in resolving issues which can impact on cash flow and customer service.

Paper based storage is also difficult to police, potentially allowing access by unauthorised personnel to highly confidential material.

So how do companies rid themselves of paper filing systems? The answer is to store documents electronically. The IPC Group offer a range of Electronic Document Management Solutions which includes a Bureau Scanning Service, EDM software and search and retrieval tools.

The use of Electronic Document Management solutions will allow you to dispose of your filing cabinets, store documents securely, retrieve files quickly and find information  within a document at the touch of a button.

For advice and guidance on electronic document management, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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