How can companies cut costs on rented business premises?

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A recent survey has shown that many organisations only need half the office space they currently occupy. If a business property lease is due for renewal, it is worth considering the possibility of downsizing to smaller premises and saving money on rates, rent and other overheads.

Taking into account sickness, holidays, off site meetings and the increased amount of home working, on any given day only 50-60% of office space can actually be in use. In addition to this, it is estimated that up to 15% of floor space is taken up by filing and storage furniture.

To reduce the amount of floor space required, the immediate solution is to use an off site document storage facility which can cost substantially less than rented office space. Off site storage also helps to mitigate any risk of loss of valuable documentation should the building catch fire or be struck by another unpredicted disaster. Looking at a longer term solution, electronic document management is the way forward, reducing the amount of paper which is generated and therefore, the amount of physical storage space required.

The IPC Group can provide both physical document storage and retrieval services and electronic document management solutions. For advice on how IPC can help to save you money and improve business efficiency, call 08081 45 46 47.

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