How can EDM help with compliance?

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In today’s litigious society, compliance is a hot topic. Every business has to ensure that its record keeping practices comply with a whole host of regulatory requirements. For example:

The Data Protection Act demands that all information relating to identifiable, living people must be stored securely and kept only for as long as the recommended retention periods.

The Freedom of Information Act gives employees the right to request to see their personal information and it has to be supplied within 20 working days.

E-Discovery relates to the ability to locate and analyse data within an organisation in compliance with statutory requirements. Penalties are levied against companies which are non compliant.

The most effective way to ensure compliance is to use an electronic document management system. The benefits include automatic document retention which can be applied retrospectively to archived documents, a highly structured repository allowing all users to conform to a pre-defined set of rules for storing documents, controlled user access to ensure security and full auditing and reporting which is critical for compliance and legal admissibility.

The IPC Group specialises in all aspects of electronic document management and can advise on the most efficient and cost effect solutions to suit your business requirements. To contact us call 08081 45 46 47.

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