How can Electronic Document Management help aeroplanes to fly on time?

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Every time a flight is delayed, airlines lose money. When mechanics make checks on a plane prior to take off, they need to access flight logs and inspection records before they can carry out a service or replace parts. All paperwork relating to an aircraft has to be kept for as long as it is in operation and is usually stored in filing cabinets at Head Office.

A mechanic has to wait for the paperwork to be located, photocopied and faxed to him before he can start the check, all of which can take a considerable amount of time. To add to the problem, faxed copies are not always legible and this can have serious consequences. Many aircraft only have a forty minute turnaround slot and missing the scheduled take off time results in a costly knock on effect of more delays throughout the rest of the day. Back at Head Office, after the documents have been located and faxed, the originals are then added to a pile for re-filing (sometimes erroneously) at some point in the future and the whole process has proved to be heavily labour intensive, time consuming and expensive.

Using IPC’s electronic document management solution, mstore with the web browser viewing platform, mechanics would immediately be able to access high quality digital images at workstations wherever the planes have landed. With records readily available, flight delays would be less likely and the airlines could operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

As airlines expand, the management and storage of the accompanying paperwork can spiral out of control. For this reason, the implementation of an EDM solution is critical to the needs of the business as a whole and can be used by other departments such as Finance and HR. The ROI can be achieved within a very short space of time - the removal of scores of filing cabinets can free up space which can more usefully be used by people to help further grow the business.

For further information on how electronic document management solutions can benefit the aerospace industry, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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