How can Facilities Managers control supplier contracts?

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Facilities managers have a wide range of responsibilities from office furniture and equipment to building maintenance and catering and vending.  One of the most important duties, therefore, is dealing with suppliers and managing contracts for each product and service.

The most efficient way to manage contracts is to use an automated contracts management system. For each contract there is a raft of paperwork which can be stored in electronic format in the system. All documentation from supplier quotations through to the final appointment of a dealer can be managed in a structured and organised way ensuring that each stage is completed correctly and due diligence applied to the processes.

Costs can be easily monitored and renewal dates automatically flagged for attention thus avoiding overpayments or sudden termination of services. Access to information is fast and space is no longer required to store paper files.

The IPC Group has developed an automated contracts management system and can also offer a bureau scanning service to convert current contract files. For further information please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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