How can forms processing be made easier?

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Despite the arrival of online technology, paper forms are still extensively used for a whole host of functions, for example, ordering, claiming, reporting, checking etc.

Whatever the purpose of the form, it will contain data and this data has to be processed or recorded. Manual data entry is time consuming, labour intensive and prone to error. It is also expensive. Delays in getting orders to customers or dealing with claims can damage a business’s reputation and affect cash flow.

So how can these issues be resolved? First of all the forms need to be scanned and stored electronically so that the original paper copies can be destroyed saving storage space. The data then has to be extracted using data capture software. Data capture software is pre-configured to recognise sections on a form in fixed locations and interprets the characters it ‘sees’ in the sections. There then follows a validation or verification stage to ensure that the data has been interpreted correctly and the form is then routed electronically using workflow to relevant personnel for processing. The whole procedure is fast and efficient and people are no longer required for data entry.

For further information on forms processing and data capture please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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