How can I find out more about an online purchase order system?

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An online purchase order system automates the processes involved in raising purchase orders and can also facilitate purchase invoice approval.

An electronic template is used to generate a PO with mandatory fields to ensure that all required information is given. It also standardises the methodology across an organisation so that all purchase orders are in the same format. As soon as the PO has been completed it is routed via workflow to the relevant person for approval. Once it has been approved it can be emailed directly to the supplier with a copy safely stored away in the system.

By using purchase order software the purchasing process becomes much faster and more efficient but the greatest gains are made by the Finance Department which now has full visibility of all outstanding purchases and the associated financial implications. Another major advantage of an online purchase order system is that purchase invoices can easily be matched against the purchase orders saving time and money searching for paper copies which very often have been lost or misfiled.

Setting up an online purchase order system is easy and requires no support from your IT department. Cloud hosted systems can also be accessed remotely via a tablet or smartphone so PO’s can be raised off site. This is particularly useful when ordering parts for equipment which are required urgently and can minimise the amount of non-productive ‘down time’.

For further information on an online purchase order system please click here or contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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