How can I find out more about office document scanning services?

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Office document scanning services usually operate a bureau scanning facility where your office documents can be scanned.

Office document scanning includes all typical types of business related paperwork such as invoices, accounts records, customer files, contracts and agreements. The documents can be collected from your premises and taken to a scanning bureau where a team of professional scanning operatives will carry out the conversion of the paperwork into electronic format.

The office documents will be prepared by removing staples and paperclips and then scanned and indexed using references which will enable the easy retrieval of the images. The images and data will be quality checked before they are delivered to the client. Delivery can either be via CD or DVD or by using a secure electronic transfer method direct to client server.

Post scanning, the office documents can either be returned to you or the office document scanning company will arrange for the paperwork to be confidentially destroyed after an agreed period of time.

For further information on office document scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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