How can I find out more about scanning HR files?

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Every organisation, whatever its size, will have HR records for its employees. For larger businesses, with a high number and high turnover of employees, finding storage space for HR files can be a problem, especially as they need to be kept for long periods of time.

They are not always stored in filing cabinets and many are packed into boxes making retrieval difficult. Records can also be misfiled or even lost which can cost a company dearly if they are required for litigation.

The most efficient way to manage HR files is to store them electronically. There are scanning bureaux which specialise in scanning HR records so you can send your archive of documents to them to be scanned. Going forward you may prefer to manage your own scanning of HR files by investing in an electronic document management system. The only paper you need to scan is incoming post as all documentation created in house can be stored directly into the EDM system without having to print and scan it.

A document scanning bureau will scan and index your HR files according to your instructions. Some clients prefer to have the records scanned in sections according to the document type, e.g. application form, sick leave etc. whilst others simply require the whole filed scanned from front to back in date order. Index references such as Name, Date of Birth and Employee Number can be applied for retrieval purposes and post scanning, the files can be re-assembled and returned or confidentially shredded.

If you would like some advice and guidance on the scanning of HR files please click here or contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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