How can I find out more about scanning NHS Payroll Services documents?

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Many NHS Trusts now outsource their payroll and HR services to an external company which specialises in the provision of these services to the NHS.

These organisations handle the payroll for many NHS Trusts and are, therefore, processing documents for tens of thousands of employees. As well as monthly or weekly pay runs they also handle overtime, sick pay, pensions, expenses, loans and many other types of claims and all of these are submitted on paper forms.

The amount of paper, needless to say, is phenomenal and finding the room to store it after it has been processed presents all kinds of problems. The reason the original submissions have to be kept is in case any queries arise regarding a payment. Again, though, if kept in paper format, finding a copy of a form is both time consuming and costly.

The solution many NHS Payroll Services suppliers are now implementing is to have the paperwork scanned and then confidentially destroyed. They will either set up their own document scanning operation in house or send it to a scanning bureau to be converted. The forms are scanned and indexed by experienced operatives and then after an agreed period of time the bureau will arrange for the documents to be shredded.

The data can be sent via a secure web link directly to a server at the Payroll Services offices so is available within hours for their help desk to access. Searching for information electronically is fast and easy giving a higher standard of customer service and at the same time saving time and money.

For further information and advice on scanning software and bureau scanning services please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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