How can I find out more about scanning purchase invoices?

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Many organisations are now considering scanning their purchase invoicesas a more efficient way of processing and storing them in paper format.


Companies involved in manufacturing goods often have a large volume of supplier invoices to handle as they purchase components or substances which are required for the manufacturing process from a wide range of suppliers. Surprisingly, in this electronic age, a large percentage is still received in paper format.


The quickest and easiest way to deal with paper copies is to convert them into electronic format by having them scanned. This can either be done in house or by outsourcing the work to a document scanning bureau. If resource is an issue, a scanning bureau is the answer. They will usually arrange for collection of the invoices either daily, weekly or monthly and then carry out the scanning of the paperwork using an experienced team of scanning operatives.


The paper copies will be scanned and indexed and delivered electronically to a client server using a secure web link. Processing can then begin on screen and using workflow, the invoices can be passed around electronically for approval.  A Service Level Agreement can be put in place with the document scanning company to ensure that the work is completed within a specific period of time.


Post scanning, the paper copies can be retained in the bureau for an agreed period of time after which they will be confidentially destroyed. As the invoices have been scanned there is no need to keep the original copies so savings can be made on storage space and time spent filing.


For further information on scanning purchase invoices please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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