How can I found out more about medical document scanning?

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Medical document scanning is a way of converting paper medical records into electronic format. There are many reasons for doing this and it is becoming an increasingly popular way of storing medical documentation.

Electronic versions of medical files are much easier to access, take up less physical storage space and are more secure. Information can be shared as clinicians are able to view information from different locations at the same time.

Medical document scanning can either be carried out in house using your own resources or outsourced to a document scanning bureau. In order to scan records in house, it is advisable to invest in a robust electronic document management system and scanning software. You will also need to liaise with your IT department about server space and support. Owing to the highly confidential nature of medical records, a standalone dedicated server is highly recommended.

The other option is to send the files to a scanning bureau which employs a team of specialist scanning operatives who will scan and index your medical records for you. Always ensure that the correct level of security is in place within the building and that employees have signed confidentiality agreements.

For further advice and guidance on medical document scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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