How can Purchase Order Software save me money?

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Purchase order software gives businesses the ability to automate the processes involved in any purchasing transaction.

Most organisations order goods and services and the process is normally started by raising a purchase order. There is no or little control over who is ordering what and how it is done. Pieces of paper get lost or misfiled, deliveries are delayed and invoice matching becomes a complete nightmare.

Purchase order software gives a business a single system which must be used by all personnel authorised to order goods and services. Purchase order templates are downloaded and completed online and then sent for approval using workflow. Approved PO’s are emailed directly to the suppliers saving money on paper and postage costs.

When the purchase invoices are received they can be scanned and easily reconciled with the relevant purchase order on the system. As all the paperwork is now in electronic format there is no need to file any documents so further savings are made on resource and storage space.

Purchase order software is easy to use and is designed specifically for people with no accounting training. Cloud based purchase order software is even more flexible as it can be accessed via a  Smart phone or tablet at any location, twenty four hours a day.

For further information on how purchase order software can help to save you money please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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