How can student records be managed in compliance with regulations?

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In today’s litigious society the management of data has never been more important. Of particular concern is data relating to people, especially children and young adults and it should be managed in accordance with statutory requirements.

For schools and colleges which must maintain a system for storing student records, achieving compliance with regulations can be extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive. For example, the security of the documents must comply with The Data Protection Act and a retention schedule has to be in place to control the length of time various types of documentation are to be retained. Audit trails may be required if there are any disputes and students have the right to request access to their personal information as stated in the Freedom of Information Act.

The easy and most cost effective way to ensure that student records are managed correctly and with due diligence is to use an electronic system which has in built features to control security, access rights and retention periods and also a reporting tool to monitor activity and provide audit trails.

The IPC Group’s solution mstore for Education has been developed to address all these issues and to help schools and colleges comply with data management regulations. It will integrate seamlessly with your existing student information management system and provide the extra layers of compliance functionality which other systems may not have.

For further information on mstore for Education please call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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