How can the digital pen help police forces to solve crime?

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Most people would agree that they would like to see more policemen on the streets. The truth is, in fact, that a large proportion of a police officer’s time is spent back at the station dealing with paperwork. For every single incident which is reported to the police there is a raft of form filling and data entry which is time consuming, costly and detracts from the main objective of solving crime.

For this reason, many police forces are starting to use digital pen and paper technology. Instead of writing on carbon paper, crime scene investigators are using forms which have been printed on to Anoto dot pattern paper. Having completed the details with a digital pen, which is virtually the same as a standard ballpoint pen, the data is then uploaded via Bluetooth to an I.T. system at the station where it can be viewed, but more importantly, actioned immediately.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of pounds can be saved by a police force through the use of this technology. The greatest gain of all, however, is the speed that the information can be made available to the person leading the investigation and the critical time which is saved allowing crimes to be resolved faster.

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