How can we distribute our incoming post more efficiently?

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Many organisations are now working electronically and storing emails and documents produced in house directly into a document management system without having to print off paper copies.

The one area, however, which is not so easy to manage, is the incoming post.  Traditionally, the mail is opened, sorted and distributed by staff in the post room and the whole process can take quite some time, resulting in delays in critical actions being taken and sometimes important paperwork can be lost. It also means that the paper copies have to be scanned into the EDM system by individuals and this task can very easily be overlooked. Files then become disparate = part electronic, part paper and information difficult to locate.

So what is the easiest way to resolve this issue? The IPC Group supplies a product called Mailroom which not only captures an electronic image of the paperwork as soon as it arrives but also facilitates the automatic distribution of it to the relevant person or department. Working to a pre-defined set of business rules, an OCR engine will interpret a unique reference number or project name on the document which will be used as an index reference.

Using Mailroom significantly reduces the amount of time spent manually sorting and distributing the post and is particularly beneficial to organisations such as law firms who work on time or fee based cases.

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