How can we find out more about form scanning?

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Many organisations use forms for collecting all kinds of data such as personal and product information, customer surveys and claims.

The data on the forms is usually processed and input into an IT system but in many cases the forms also need to be retained in case any errors are made or for legal reasons. Storing forms in paper format, however, is costly and time consuming and when large volumes are involved, finding original copies can prove to be challenging, particularly if they have been misfiled or lost.

The solution to this problem is to consider having the forms scanned and stored electronically. A bureau scanning service will provide form scanning as one of its services. Form scanning is done using an automatic document feeder scanner which is a fast and efficient way of scanning the forms. Index references are then added such as the form type, name, date etc. so that the documents can easily be retrieved. After the forms have been quality checked, the images are loaded on to a disc and delivered to the client. In most cases, subject to client approval, the paperwork is confidentially shredded and a certificate issued to that effect. Having your forms scanned eliminates the need to store hard copies, they can be retrieved in seconds and can be viewed by several people at the same time.

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