How can we find out more about storing our HR records electronically?

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Managing HR records in paper format can be difficult. Not only is it time consuming filing and retrieving files but it can also be expensive in terms of storage space and man hours. To add to this there are now so many regulations to comply with such as the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts which make it even more challenging. The Data Protection act states that certain types of personal data should only be retained for a limited period of time and then destroyed but who has the time to periodically weed paper files? Conversely, other types of personal data must be kept for many years which requires a large amount of physical storage space.

When HR records are stored electronically, however, all these issues can easily be addressed. When the documents are scanned a document retention tool can assign a review date to different types of data and the user will be automatically alerted when it is due to be destroyed. Storing electronic images for long periods of time also requires no physical storage space and can be easily managed.

The most cost effective way of converting your HR records into electronic format is to outsource the work to a document scanning bureau. The images can then be uploaded to an electronic document management system for you to use going forward. Once the archive has been scanned the only paperwork which will require scanning will be incoming post. All documents created in house, for example, in Word, can be saved directly from the application into the document management system. Likewise, emails do not need to be printed and scanned as they too can be saved directly into the system.

For further information on scanning HR records and electronic document management systems please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47 who will be happy to advise.

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