How could a document management system benefit by business?

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A document management system, unsurprisingly, is a computer system used to store and manage electronic documents. Many systems can also manage other kinds of electronic data such as films and photographs.

Document management systems vary in functionality but all are capable of storing scanned images of paperwork as well as material generated in MS Office such as Word, Excel or Power Point. These can be uploaded directly into the system without the need to print and scan.

Other features include the ability to ‘link’ documents using a common index reference so that ‘files’ of information can be created as they would be in paper format. Version control is another tool which controls ‘versions’ of documents ensuring that the latest is always the only one available for viewing.

Sometimes a document management system will also have a document retention facility which alerts users to a date when a file should be deleted from the system in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Workflow is another common feature of an electronic document management system and this allows electronic files to be passed around an organisation in accordance with a pre-defined set of rules.

If a company has a large archive of paperwork to be scanned into the system, it can be more cost effective to send it to a scanning bureau where the task will be done for you.

The IPC Group supplies document management systems and also operates a document scanning bureau. They can provide you with a system which already contains your scanned images so you can be up and running as soon as it is delivered.

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