How is the electronic pen used in business?

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The electronic pen, also known as the digital pen, is used to convert handwritten information into electronic data.

Despite the technological advances of recent years, a surprisingly high percentage of organisations still use paper forms for collecting information. The data on the forms is then manually input into an IT system for analysis or processing and the whole exercise can be time consuming error prone and costly.

An electronic pen is used in exactly the same way as a traditional ballpoint pen but it has a tiny camera in the nib which captures the penstrokes as the pen moves along paper which has been printed with an overlay of dots. As soon as the form has been completed, the data can be uploaded to an IT system by docking the pen to a PC or via a mobile phone.

The fact that the data is so quickly available allows processing to begin almost immediately saving time and the cost of manual data inputting. This can lead to vastly improved customer service and more efficient business processes.

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