How many businesses are now adopting scanning?

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A recent survey carried out in the USA reports that many companies are now moving from paper based business processes to electronic systems. Scanned documents are replacing mountains of paper as organisations are looking to become more efficient and make cost savings.

The volumes of scanned images grew by up to 29% in 2010 and an additional 20% is predicted for 2011.

Data capture is also being adopted by more and more businesses and it is believed that document scanning combined with automatic data extraction will become a routine business process for many organisations.

As for the trends for document scanning, the survey concludes that volumes are set to grow in the coming years and outsourcing the work to scanning bureaux will also become the preferred option. 25% of those interviewed intended to outsource the process due to the costs associated with human resources and equipment.

The largest volumes of documents to be scanned were generated by mainly two departments with 72% in the Finance Department and 66% in HR.

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