How many document management systems does a business need?

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It has recently been reported that the European Commission has 2,498 business systems, 163 of which are document management systems. There are, however, only 15 different business processes the systems are used for so why not just buy 15 systems?

One of the most astounding discoveries was the number of document management systems in use – it works out at almost three for each directorate. It is also highly likely that they all stand independently so finding documents must be very much a trial and error exercise.

A single good document management system should be adequate for most organisations. The IPC Group’s solution called mstore has been developed around an electronic cabinet structure. Just like traditional filing cabinets, each cabinet holds information for different departments within an organisation, for example, Finance, HR or Facilities. Each cabinet has a sub-structure of search references such as document type, name, date, invoice number etc. so that the documents can be retrieved easily and quickly.

Even though there is only one document management system, each cabinet can be structured differently and access is strictly controlled so that employees can only see information that they have been authorised to view. Finding documents is simple and you don’t need to guess which system they will be in.

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