How much storage space do I need for an EDM system?

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The short answer to this question is with an IPC mstore Document Management solution, less space than you used to need!

Space for storage for an EDM system is in direct relation to the number and types of files you will be storing, over time. The largest files will be those that you have to scan i.e. typically this will be the items that you receive in a non electronic format such as the post. Scanned files (for example tiff) will be anything upwards of around 25k – 50k per image page. With graphics or colour this will increase dramatically.
The largest scanning volumes usually relate to the conversion of any part of your current paper based archives, so this may well be the largest storage space requirement.

Using an EDM solution such as mstore going forward, all those items you need to store that are in an electronic format e.g. Word docs, emails and attachments, spreadsheets etc. will be filed directly into the system (whether you create these internally or you receive them). So your storage needs will be lower as the requirement to scan will be much reduced.

In terms of server space the link below will take you to a spreadsheet calculator that will give you a guide as to potential volume needs. Whilst server and storage technology (SANS’s etc) and costs (usually reducing per GB) continue to develop at a pace, any client should consider a minimum of 2 years projection in order to plan sensibly. Beyond the need for a data base partition and one sufficient for storage, there are automated archiving functions built into well structured EDM systems, so less used information can be migrated to near or off line storage facilities.

As part of IPC’s EDM system implementation package all these factors are covered.

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