I would like to digitise my documents – how do I do this?

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The term digitisation is often used to describe the scanning of documents or the conversion of paper into electronic format. There are several ways of doing this dependent on budgets and resource availability.

For many organisations the easiest way to get documents digitised is to outsource the work to a document scanning bureau. A scanning company will collect your paperwork, scan and index it and either return it to you or arrange for it to be confidentially shredded. The data can be delivered on a CD or DVD or can be transferred directly to one of your servers using a secure web link.

Another option is to invest in scanning software or an electronic document management system in order to carry out the scanning of the documents in house.  Recent surveys show that there is, currently, growing popularity for cloud based document management systems as they tend to be more cost effective than traditional EDM systems, particularly for SME’s. They also require no support from your IT department as the system supplier provides all support together with automatic upgrades.

For further information on bureau scanning, electronic document management systems and cloud based solutions please contact The IPC Group by clicking here or calling 08081 45 46 47.

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