Is digital mailroom technology available to automate mailroom processes?

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The IPC Group is working in partnership with the Opex Corporation to promote their All-In-One Mail Capture System. The AS3690i is a high volume production scanner with a unique drop feeder integrated into a mail extraction desk. Mail is loaded on to the extraction desk and extracted documents are dropped onto the conveyor. The AS3690i will then capture, process, sort and output the contents and data. This eliminates the need to transport, batch prep, sort or add separator sheets between extraction and scanning. Cheques, forms, claims, accountable mail, correspondence and most other documents can be scanned, intermixed with little or no preparation, by only one operator.

Traditionally, up to half of mail capture costs are incurred before the paper even reaches the scanner. By scanning mail immediately after opening it on one piece of equipment eliminates costly document prep while ensuring the highest levels of data and transaction integrity.

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