Is it better to outsource medical record scanning or should it be done in house?

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Medical record scanning can be a complex task because of the diverse range of document types which make up a medical record. As a result it can be labour intensive and time consuming which is also non productive if carried out in house.

The best solution is to outsource the work to a document scanning bureau which employs a team of experienced scanning operatives who will work quickly and accurately in order to complete the scanning within an agreed timescale. Confidentiality and security is of key importance and every team member must have signed a confidentiality agreement and the scanning bureau should have a locked and alarmed area for storing the medical records.

The records are transported to the bureau in sealed containers, the contents of which will be checked upon arrival to ensure that the consignment is complete. After the medical records have been scanned and indexed, a series of high level quality checks are carried out and the data encrypted before being delivered to the client.

The paper copies of the medical records can either be returned to the client or confidentially destroyed.

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